Sending medical image CD via WeTransfer (ultimate step by step guide, 2019 update)

Send CD with email and WeTransfer

Why WeTransfer?

If you need to send medical images you may not be able send them through email. Most email services do not attach and send large files. Medical images might be especially big for email. Therefore, sending via WeTransfer makes sense.

WeTransfer allows you to upload your files to their server for a period of time. It then makes a unique link to be sent to recipient. The recipient then can use this link to download the files. WeTransfer allows sending up to 2 GB free of charge which is usually enough to transfer medical images. Unfortunately, WeTransfer do not upload folders from CD/DVD directly. Therefore, you need to copy them to your computer and only then upload to WeTransfer.



Step by step guide:

1. Open "this pc" (you can find it on the desktop with a pc symbol, it maybe also "computer" or "this computer")


first step - launch my computer


2. If you have not already inserted your CD, click with the right mouse button on the CD/DVD icon and then  click “Open”.


Place the medical image CD into CD-ROM


3. Insert your CD / DVD into the drive and close it. Windows will automatically read content of your CD.


Insert CD into CD-ROM


4. After a few seconds, the CD/DVD icon may change to software icon, because medical image CD usually has a viewer program inside. Sometimes Windows will automatically launch DICOM viewer program that is built in the disc. In this case simply close this program and continue. 

Right click again on CD/DVD and click "Open". (DO NOT LEFT CLICK, because it will launch DICOM viewer software)


Opening your medical image CD


5. Now you should see files and folders in your CD. Please select and copy all files and folders. The simplest way is to press and hold CTRL and then A (CTRL + A) on your keyboard (Mac users: Command + A). All files and folders will be selected. They will turn to blue color. Press CTRL + C to copy files (Mac users: Command + C). 


Select and copy all files and folders in your CD


6. Close CD/DVD folder and return to your desktop. Now you need to create a new folder and copy your CD files to it. 

Make a new empthy folder. Right click the mouse in any empthy area on your desktop. This will open drop-down menu with several options. Go over "New" and a second drop down menu will open. Choose "Folder" and click on it. This way you will create a new empty folder in your desktop.  Please name the folder with the name of the patient.

Mac users hold Control key and click on any emthy area on the desktop. Choose "New Folder" from drop-down menu and name it. 


Creating a new folder in the desktop


7. Open this, newly created folder. Right click in any empthy area and choose "Paste". The files and folders from you CD/DVD will be copied to new folder. This process may take several minutes. 


Copy files and folders from CD to New Folder



8. Close the folder and launch your internet browser. Go to (you may also search WeTransfer on Google).


Go to WeTransfer web page to send your medical images



9. WeTransfer will ask you which version of “WeTransfer” you want to use. Choose free option and WeTransfer will take to their upload page. 


Choose Take me to free



10. Now you should see a "+" sign on the page. Click it to add your files and folders. 


Add files to Wetransfer


11. A navigational pop-up window will appear. Navigate to Desktop, then to newly created folder and open it. You will see files and folders you copied from the CD. Select all your files and folders by CTRL + A (Mac users: Command + A) and then click "Open"


Select files and folder and upload


12. Type our email address: in the "Email to" area.


Provide recipient's email address


13. Type your email into "Your email" area.


provide sender's email address


14. Add a short description of your case in "Message" area and then click "Transfer".


brief information about illness of case


WeTransfer will now launch the upload and show you the progress. Do not close your Internet browser during upload. It may take a while depending on your upload size and Internet speed. Once finished, you will receive an email notification from WeTransfer. Once we download you files you will also receivea a second email notification. 


Uploading files and folders to WeTransfer